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Commonly Asked Questions of 33CentstoFreedom.com

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  • 01. What Is 33CentsToFreedom?

    33CentsToFreedom is an exciting new crypto advertising and wealth creation crowdfunding community established to help members achieve financial independence.

    At 33CentsToFreedom, We offer the entire online crypto community a legitimate and low-cost way to generate traffic to their websites while taking advantage of our perpertual money making compensation plan.

  • 02. How do members make money in this network?

    Members make money by purchasing ad packages which starts from $0.33 per package and up to $2,703.00 for the board 14 Package.

    And by inviting new friends to your team and filling out your matrixes, you create a sustainable income paid every day directly to your wallet. The more people you invite, the more money you make. It's that simple. You'll be building passive residual income streams as long as you continue recruiting new members

  • 03. How does the 33CentsToFreedom Matrix system works?

    The 33CentsToFreedom compensation plan is a very lucrative and exciting compensation plan based on a simple 14 tier, 2x2 Team forced matrix of positions and not of people. It's the Ad Packages which are bought by you and your network that comes as positions which helps fills the matrix. All of the 10 Matrixes work similarly, just that the Package cost and the earning amount are different.

    The 2x2 matrix is one of the simplest and fastest paying Matrix ever. Both newbies and leaders can earn incredibly amount of money with this matrix and it comes with lots of spillovers and spillunders that help members complete their matrixes faster.

    Positions in the matrix are filled by subsequent position purchases by new and existing 33CentsToFreedom members.

    Two Paylines below your position paid to your upline sponsors, then 4 Paylines below those two positions become your paylines and are paid to you. When all positions in the matrix are filled, a "CYCLE" is triggered and commissions are paid out while you get a new entry into the next matrix under your sponsor again to start earning perpertually. This goes on and on and on to infinity!.

  • 04. Can I buy multiple positions?

    Absolutely, you can buy multiple positions in any of the matrixes in the system. You can own a total of 10,000 positions in the system!

  • 05. What crypto do you accept?

    Currently we accept BTC, Tron and USDT-TRC20

  • 06. How does The 33CentsToFreedom Re-purchase policy works?

    We have a decent repurchase policy to ensure that more and more people will have their position cycled on this cycler. We have a moderate 70% / 30% repurchase policy. This means 30% of your earnings will go to your repurchase wallet while 70% can be fully withdrawn. Funds in your repurchase balance can only be used to make further purchases of cycler positions.

  • 07. Can I join 33CentsToFreedom if I am from USA, Germany, France, Pakistan, Vietnamese, Indian, Peru, Columbia or South Africa?

    Absolutely, 33CentsToFreedom is a global crowdfunding networking community with No Boundaries! No limitations! Fully International !! This Systems Works For Anyone And Anywhere In The World! You can partake and earn good earns from any country in this world . There are no limits to the amount of people you can reach or geographical boundaries that stand in your way.33CentsToFreedom is a Global crowdfunding Platform.

  • 08. What is the minimum withdrawal amount and how often can I request withdrawals?

    As soon as you've reached your minimum withdrawal amount of $10.00, you can request payout with a maximum of $500.00 withdrawal daily. You can withdraw once daily.

  • 09. What product are you selling at 33CentsToFreedom?

    We sell digital advertisements, in form of banners and text ads. 33CentsToFreedom offers 14 different advertising packages starting from the Board 1 Package up to the Board 12 Package.
    Each time you purchase a package , you will receive Banner Ad Credits and Text Ad Credits you can use to promote your websites to our entire crypto community. Below, You will find the total advertising Credits received from purchase of various Ad packages.

  • 10. Do I always have to recieve a new re-entry into the same position after I cycle?

    No, each time you cycle a position from the matrixes. You get a free an entry into the next phase until the last Matrix where you can cycle and earn $5,406.00 over and over.

  • 11. How long does it take a position to cycle a matrix?

    This depends on many variables, in short, there's no way to put a time frame on it. This solely depends on purchases of new positions in the cycler. There is no specific time frame on this. We absolutely cannot guarantee how long it will take any position to cycle and earn.

  • 12. How long does it take for my deposit to show up in my account balance?

    Your deposit will show up in your account automatically after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations with Bitcoin transactions. For other currencies: TRON, USDT, BUSD etc. Please allow between 10 Minutes to 30 Minutes depending on the network. Your deposit will show up immediately after the payment process is completed.

  • 13. I referred 2 people into the system, how come I do not see them in my board?

    This is a company forced system which means the matrix is built from top to bottom, left to right. We are all working together to build one solid matrix. This is the reason we say no referring required to earn but it would help to share the program with others to help boost rewards and move people up.

  • 16. Do you have more unanswered questions?

    Then please contact our support department and you will get response within 48hrs. Thank you!!